Steam Curing Machine Hot Water Generator (Steam Curing Machine):
The Generator is made of 8 mm thick M.S. Plate for firing Chamber and coil made out from Seamless Tube. Hot Water is manually operated.
Foam Concrete Mixers The mixers are uniquely designed to mix foam through concrete in an even manner without destroying the foam. It has inbuilt water discharging system and digital weighing scale.
Foam Generator Foam generator makes foam for CLC using foaming agents. Foam generators come with corrosion resistant coated steel body, timer, air compressor, and lance units. Adaptable to different kind of foaming agents. Foaming Chemical is a protein based foaming agent concentrate with enzymatic active components, developed for the building material industry.
Wire Cutting Machine Max cutting capacity: up to 10m3/hr (only cutting time, not incl the time for transport of molds). Electric power: 380-400V/ 50Hz/3 phases (other electric power resourses are available on request). Very special electric geared motor for driving the cutting frame: capacity 0,35 kW
Foaming Agent Foaming agent is fully biodegradable protein-based foam concentrate that forms stable bubbles and provides necessary porosity to the foam concrete. The bubbles formed are strong enough to last until the concrete is set at required density.
Screw Conveyor Screw Conveyors for specific purposes have been developed. Cement Screw Conveyors and Feeders for concrete batching plants. Later came light-duty Flour Milling Screw Conveyors with synthetic maintenance-free intermediate bearings.
Air Compressor Heavy duty motor - withstands voltage fluctuations from 180v to 240v. Available from 3.0 HP to 5.0 HP. Backed by 4 decades of engineering expertise. Compact and easily portable.
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Our proficient and dedicated professionals make the utmost use of these facilities and work round the clock with a client centric approach to meet the industrial requirements. These professionals are well versed and have updated knowledge on the latest technology which ensures hassle free and efficient procurement and storage. We have been highly benefited by our facilities, this being one of the reasons for establishing ourselves as a prominent organization.

We are manufacturing of CLC (Light Weight Block) plant like Foam Generator, Foam Concrete Mixer, Wire cutting machine, Steam curing machine, Foaming Agent etc, CLC Mould.

What is CLC:

  • CLC is called as Cellular Light Weight Concrete and it is also called as Foam Concrete.
  • Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is a version of light weight concrete that is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions.
  • CLC Blocks are a cement-bonded material made by blending slurry of cement. Stable, pre-formed foam manufactured on site is injected into this slurry to form foam concrete.
  • Fresh foam concrete looks like a milk- shake and the volume of slurry in the foam dictates the cast density of the foam concrete.

Steam Curing Machine


  500 Ltr/ Hrs. 1000 Ltr/ Hrs
Max. Temp 90°C 90°C
Width 1200 mm 1400 mm
Height 2.5 mtrs. 3.8 mtrs.
Jacketed Fire box 1200 mm dai 1400 mm dai
Wood consumption 100 kg /Hr. 200 kg /Hr.
  • Hot water storage tank,
  • Water Pump with motor
  • ID Fan
  • Steam header safety Valve
  • Pressure Switch with control Panel
  • Hot water storage tank,
  • Water Pump with motor
  • ID Fan
  • Steam header safety Valve
  • Pressure Switch with control Panel